Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let's face it

Let's face it, I have been blogging since June, 2006. Long before blogging had become popular. It is easy to blog than having a website because, for me, it is free. I get to show off my works, on line. Actually, I started blogging because I want to be featured on Polymerclaydaily.  Cynthia Tinapple and Susan Lomuto help launching my career as a Polymer clay artist. They stood by me though good times and bad times. After Ada's accident, they help spread the news and let everyone know that was going on. I have to say this wonderful people and the Polymer clay community had come together and gave me hope and courage to carry on. I am forever grateful to be part of this community.

Blogging used to be window to the outside world for me, but now, thing had changed. Facebook had open that window wider for me. Not only I can reach out to the polymer clay community 24/7, I also can reach friends from the other side of the world. It is easy, convenience and someone is always there to connect with me. It is an instant gratification, but who had time to blog and wait and hope someone would came by and read it and left some nice comments. Posting on facebook is fast and easy and in a few second, someone, somewhere, would see it and "Like" it.
So, if you haven't been "Friend" with me on Facebook, please do so because I had decided to move from "Blogging" to "Posting" about my work on there.

I also have a Fanpage separates from my regular page, this way I can post my latest, just finish, still warm out of the oven when I get it done, hopefully, everyday before 5 o'clock.  Here is my Fanpage on Facebook.

Thank you for all your support through out the tough time. Ada and I are doing just fine and I am slowly getting back to be myself again.


Roberta Warshaw said...

I am happy for you that life is improving and yes, I agree. Blogging has become a bit of a chore lately. I used to go right to my blog reading and now I head to Facebook first. I will try and keep blogging but my posts are getting fewer as well.

See you over on Facebook then!

Rebecca Boxberger said...

onceanc67Hello Ponsawan,
I am so inspired by all your lovely creations. I am new to Polymer Clay and excited to get started. I really appreciate your tutorials to give me some ideas about what to do with my new clay supplies and equipment.
Rebecca Boxberger, Jewelry Artist

Unknown said...

Your creations are amazing - I am so glad that I have found your blog. Hope that you are keeping well

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