Saturday, March 24, 2012

Metal Head

At one of our Guild meeting, one of our friend demo how to use face mold. I happened to have one of Maureem Carlson face mold, so I gave it a try. As I was not very happy of the outcome and started squeeze those beads for fun, miracle happened.

I went home and added a few things on those heads, baked and antiqued them with Burnt Amber oil paint, I am glad I held of throwing those heads into scrap pile.

The Christie Friesen announced her Swellegant - Metal coating and I had to get it.
And here is the result and tutorial.

Material list : Maureen Carlson face mold, light brown color clay, Ultra light clay, CF Metal paints

1. Roll out a thin sheet of Brown color clay, any brand will do. make a 3/4 inch ball using Ultra light clay. Not only it will help lighten the weight of bead, but also it's softness will help to get more details out of the mold.

2. Cover the Ultra light ball with light brown color clay.

3. roll the ball into barrel shape.

4. Place the ball inti the mold.

5. Press down with your finger.

6. Squeeze the side of the mold, so you will get skinny face.

7. Take the head out of the mold.

8. Put the head between your thumb and index finger. Squeeze lightly.

9. Squeeze.

10. Actually, I don't really like the other head, so I roll the head back into a ball and start over.

11. Now, I like this guy better. So squeeze and squeeze, adjust the nose, pull the chin.

12. I added detail to his head.

13. With sharp needle, make texture to one side of the face. I used felting needle here.

14. Baked.

15. painted with Metal Coating

16. Add patina.


Lucys Baby said...

I got to your blog through Maureen Carlson's web site. I have several of her molds. Can you tell me what brand of metal effect and patina you used? I tried to read the label, but I'm not sure I've seen that brand. Where did you get it? I like it a lot.
Thanks for sharing!

Silastones said...

I used Christie Friesen - Swellegant - Metal coating. You can get them from Christie's website.

Lisa said...

Wow! this is amazing! you are an amazing artist!! I've been reading both of your blogs this evening (its just after 8pm here in the UK) you are an amazing mother too!


Karen M said...

That is cooler than heck. Thanks for sharing.

Meow Opre said...

Lovely designs of Polymer Clay. So talented!:)

albina N muro said...

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