Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pebble-like beads

Back then when it seemed like everyone was making Pebbles, I was hesitant. You see, when they were so worried about who made it first, who was the originator. After all, we just copy of Mother Nature.

My goal this year, with the TADA365 Group, is to make a Collection of Jewelry and my theme is "Lush garden". I am working on elements and things that we will find around the garden. I wish to have a small garden in the backyard where Ada and I can enjoy it together. This way the jewelry that I sell will be more meaningful to me and my customer.
I gathered few stuffs together to use as inclusion; real sand, embossing powder, diamond flake and salt. I rub the salt into the beads to get extra rough texture and poked a few holes. I really like the result.

Fimo translucent clay gave out flakes or bubbles, so they look different. I like the Pardo translucent the most and I only have 1 box left, help me.

I decided to try Inka Gold paint from Viva Decor. The result is different kind of color, more metallic look, but yet, earthy.
So, here's my take on Pebble -like beads, and more colors to come. They are fun to make :)


Roberta Warshaw said...

They are lovely. I enjoy your work so much since it is always changing.

Jackie said...

You did these SO WELL! I love them, they are great. :)

Unknown said...

Your "take" on pebbles is inspiring, beautiful and so refreshing! I am trying to imagining the garden you would create with Ada.... It would be magnificent!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the different colors you are ending up with and they do look so earthy. Good Job...

Donna Ingram