Tuesday, December 28, 2010

RAD - Ring a day project

Ring a day project will be concluded on December 31, 2010 which means that I had successfully made three hundreds and sixty some rings this year. Quite an accomplishment, I might say.
During the December month, all the members of the group have been so very active and we all have emotional roller coaster. It is nice that we don't have to make any more rings, but at the same time, we want to make the best rings we have ever done. We also looking forward to the next year, next project. We want to keep the idea going, stay together and learn from each other. I had already sign up for RAW - Ring a week and TADA365 - Tangible Advancement of Daily Adornment, of which you commit to making progress everyday of your 2011 on your art jewelry creations. Show your daily steps forward with photos. Goal is at the end of the year you will have at least one collection or series that is show ready. Sound good, isn't it? First I told myself that I would never sign up for anything that I have to commit for a whole year, but if I can finish the year long project, then it's worth to challenge myself for another year.

What did I get from the RAD project? Well, let see, I was asked by Lark Book for permission to publish pictures of some of my rings, some will be exhibited along side with other rings made by the members of the group in Seattle, sponsored by SNAG. I never have my works exhibit before. I made a bunch of friends, I woke up everyday for a year to see incredible and crazy ideas of how to make ring. I made a ring for "Ring Swap" and enter the dark side by making this "Humbug - the Blue Monster", inspired by the movie "Nightmare before Christmas". And I received this beautiful ring made by Lorena Angulo. I've been drooling on her works for many months.

My life will never be the same again after RAD. Look what I made from this Purple Potato. Many people join the group not because they were known to make rings, but an opportunity to force oneself to learn.
To view all my rings, go to www.flickr.com/photos/polymerclaybeads/sets
To view more than 16,000 rings, go to www.flickr.com/groups/rad2010


Deborah Francis said...

Ponsawan, thanks for blogging about your RAD experience. RAD is such a great incentive to get creative. You and the other members of your group made such inventive, beautiful and fun rings. I am inspired and want to try TADA.
Deborah Francis

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