Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ponsawan Blend

If your passion is Polymer clay, first thing in the morning, after your first cup of Joe, you turn on your computer and check out Polymerclaydaily. Every time I see my work featured there, I fell like I just won a lottery.
This time Cynthia gave the title "Ponsawan Blend" to me. I can't help but laughing. This blend, I have to say, I dreamt it. No kidding. I was planning a bead making class for members of Indiana Bead Society at their monthly meeting which means we will make some beads, baked and they can take the beads home within 2 hour. A few of them took a workshop with me before, most are clay virgins. I want them to make beads using blend sheet, but learning skinner blend is a class by itself and I only have a few pasta machines. So I went to bed worrying and the clay fairly came and told me to simplify the blend. The idea is to line up the color from light to dark, overlap them a little bit, fold and run the sheet through a pasta machine. With a few run, the sheet will be blend, almost perfectly.
The class went well with the help of Le Ann, Kathy and Ann. I divided them into 3 groups, 3 tables with a few pasta machines and each of us take turn teaching different technique at each table, then we rotate. At the end of the night everyone went home with a handful of beads.
I am using the blend to make these mini roses, you can see the tutorial at

Here I used the petals to make a cute flower for clip-on earrings.


Bedecked Beads said...

Great technique and stunning roses!

angkana said...

You are amazingly creative. I love your post and the roses are so beautiful.

I wish my dream can be that productive. Come to think of it I don't remember my dreams lately. I must be getting older :)


Melobeau said...

Gorgeous blend and beautiful roses. I love to see your photos of how you make things. I learn so much from your generosity. Thank you.

Unknown said...

this is a brilliant idea ! Kudos !!!