Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pinless Scarf Pins

On the day that I finished my last scarf pin, I burnt my right hand, my stove, the hood, part of the cabinet and almost burnt down the kitchen. But I finished all the pins I want to make, so here they are.

The first set are pins that covered with the sheet of slide canes that I made.

These two were made with the same cane but different arrangement. They look totally different. Amazing!

Now these pins are much more fun because they were made with scrap clay. I was not happy at first when everyone seems to like these pins more than the first set. Well, I spent so much time making canes, slide them carefully and line them up perfectly, but with the scrap clay, I just kinna throw them together. Not fair.

Well, I did enjoy making those pins and people seem to like the idea of this "pinless scarf pin".
I added the curly-q from the thin strip of Skinner Blend sheet as my signature on the pin. For you; Susan Lomuto.
Oh, I do have another thing on my list to do for 2008; I want to make big, wall piece. I actually start working on it, so, hopefully, I will get it done by 2009.
I won't be able to clay for a while. I hope I sold all the scarf pins. All of the necklace and bracelets will be sent to Thailand for the auction at the class reunion. We will get a new kitchen and I hope next year, things will be better for us.


Anonymous said...

I love the pins and would like to purchase one if there are any left. Please email me at

Anonymous said...

With no pins, how do these stay on?


Mel said...

Afternoon, I've been a regular lurker and admirer on your blog and have finally got myself a blogger account and begun blogging, so feel I can 'take part'!
Being a polymer clay artist I know what intricacy is involved in your work and was wondering, being here in the UK I feel we cannot get the price we feel is deserved for our work, so I am enquiring if you may have the same deifficulties? It seems to have become such a competitive market now.Keep up the great work :-)

Dawna Sharp said...

Love these! So talented you are. I'm so glad you didn't burn down the house. Hope you are mending well. Sheesh what an experience!