Saturday, January 10, 2009

I thought you would never ask

Anonymous said...
With no pins, how do these stay on?:)Thanks.
someone had read my blog again. Yeh. Here are pictures of the back of the pin.
I embedded the wire into the back of the pin, and bent it into 2 hooks. Then I tied the elastic hair tie to one hook, wrap the pin and elastic around the scarf (second pic.) then hung the elastic to the second hook. Val la!
The elastic holds the scarf snugly so you can use it with thicker or thinner scarf, and if you lost the elastic, you can easily replace it.
Now, I promise, I will write the tutorial, someday, when I have more time. :)


Mel said...

Thank you so much Ponsawan for being the first to comment on my blog - I have put you in my post today to say thanks, although I'm not sure anyone is viewing my blog yet!!, I hope you don't mind, take care, Mel

Anonymous said...

Ponsawan was at guild meeting Sat. and I got to see her fantastic scarf pin up close, it was just fabulous NOW why couldn't i think of something like that. Pon you amaze me with all youv'e got on your plate that you still can come up with some truly beautiful artwork. See ya next month Kat

Claycass said...

Love your pinless scarf idea. That is neat.

Claycass said...
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Louise said...

Hi, I have been making scarf holders and would like to mention your way to do so on my blog.

Anonymous said...

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