Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Twisted Beads, Jana Robert Benson's style

During the past 6 months that I was away from home, my clay and my pasta machine, surfing the Internet is the only thing that connect me to the outside world. Reading other people blogs, websites and watched my clay friends put their new works on-line make me envy. Every chance I get, I clay. It help me kept my sanity and gave me hope that someday, I will be able to put my new works on my blog again.
With a few minutes here and there, while running from home to the hospital, and a few pack of clays, I can make a few small beads. Put them on the tile and carefully place the tile in the cigar box, bring it home and bake so I can make a few bracelet while I was away. That's how the "Hurricane Beads" came about and I don't need to use pasta machine to make those beads. Jana Robert Benson's twisted beads always make me feel exciting. Last night I came up with these twisted beads made with the mess up "Hurricane beads". They look cute and very organic, and unpredictable. They are fun to make.
Ada and I are home now. I will have a new studio next to her room so I can work and play with clay.
May be, when I have more time to sit down, I can make a larger one.
Thanks Jana.

Here's the bracelet I just finished.
Very "Ponsawan" I might say.
I think I got my "muse" back. What do you think?


Kim Cavender said...

Ponsawan, you have such a wonderful style. I love your finished bracelet!

Sandi Lee said...

Hi Ponsa... beautiful beads from a beautiful woman. There is a box on its way to you tomorrow. Sorry it took me this long. Kisses to your beautiful daughter.