Friday, September 19, 2008

Now that I have a bowl of beads

Now that I have a big bowl of colorful beads, I can start making something fun. During the summer, I strung them with some seed beads, tied them up with the waxed cord that I have, and turned them into ankle bracelets. Make it shorter, I get the bracelet, make it a little longer and I get a necklace. This has worked out well because:
1. I cannot repeat myself, yet I still making one-of-a-kind necklaces because they will never look the same.
2. Customers who prefer handmade jewelry are so happy to wear my pieces. It is almost like I made it especially for them when they were told that I made my own beads.
3. With the same material and design concept, I like to experiment many different styles.
4. All I need are some pretty seed beads that will only enhance and compliment with my own beads.
5. I used my handmade button as a clasp so I don't have to worry about the price of the silver that had gone up to the "not affordable" items. The piece looks all together as a complete design.
Ok, I have been making jewelry for many years, this is the design that complete itself and I am still having fun making them.
Many nurses and therapists had become a proud owner of my bracelets. I hope it would remind them of Ada and mom and the time that we spent together. Thank you for everyone who help taking good care of my daughter during our 6 months staying away from home.


Melanie said...

oh what pretties you have made... I can't get the ankle bracelets to enlarge to sse the detail, but I know your work is always top notch Ponsawan! nice to see you are able to get in some clay time!... Melanie:)

Sandi said...

You're work is always beautiful, Ponsa and I'm so glad to see you all doing well. Would you be able to use some FIMO soft? I have a bunch and like to use the Premo and Kato. I can send it to you so you can make more and more of your pretties.

Kisses and hugs,
Your PC Pal,

Silastones said...

Sandi, I still like Fimo, and never have enough of clay to play with, right?
My address is :P. Sila, 5343 W.38th St., Indianapolis, IN 46254

miriam said...

I like your work... is very beautyful.