Friday, February 29, 2008

Out of comfort zone

I took the "Creative Spark" seminar with Dayle Doroshow at Synergy. One of the exercises we did was that each of us had to pick up 4-5 paint chips with color of our choice from the table. Then we had to pass them on to the person that sit next to us. "Do something with those colors" she said. Trying to lead us out of our comfort zone. Go home and do something with it.
My neighbor handed me her choice of color. These are not my color palate. I started to get panic. I have to come up with something quick before I throw those paint chips into my bag and pretend that I've never seen them before. I made a quick sketch and told my neighbor to write down her name and email address. I'll do something with it, I promise her.

It was 1:30 am when I stumbled upon those paint chips. Just do it now, I told myself. Frantically looking for the right color clay. Darn it, this is not my color. Finally, I started mixing the color, as close as possible to the paint chip. How can I put those colors together? Add some pearl into each color. Technique? Skinner blend, of course, works like a charm.

It was 3:00 am when I finished this pendant. It's not my color palate, it's not symmetrical, it is not quite "me" but I like it.
I'll mail this out to Bonnie Platner, my neighbor. Hope she like it too.
Next, I will attempt "Dan Cormier's Blend". It should be fun.
Good night for now.
P.S. This experience can cause painful headache, nauseous, or a panic attack. Please proceed with caution. Take some Advil and a deep breath. Come on , be brave.


Libby said...

Wow, you really got right to work! Great pin. I was also in that seminar and the color palette I received is so far out of my usual palette it's painful.

Molly said...

You can not tell that you were out of your comfort zone. It is an awesome pin. Great Job woman.

Anonymous said...

The exercice was very interesting!
And you had done something beautifull even it was not your palate !
I thing that for me it would be more difficult !...
(My poor english!)

Judy said...


Anonymous said...

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