Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here is the picture of the Hope-on-the-rope necklace that got me into the winner circuit. I won the Best use of Fimo category. It is a fun necklace. I connected 2 little bottles together to resemble the hour glass, then fill it with tiny little hearts. If you flip it over, the little hearts will fall through to the bottle below. It is designed with kid in mind, just like a toy that a child can play with while getting a treatment or waiting for the doctor to come in. The name of the necklace is Time & Love will heal. It is a perfect theme for Valentines' Day, Isn't it.
You can view the top 25 winner's necklace at
Congratulation to all the winners. We did good, didn't we? And all for the good course.
Happy Valentines' Day everyone. May peace and love be with you at all time.


Unknown said...

Congratulations, Ponsawan!! Your necklace design is fantastic and perfect for kids. I'm happy you were recognized with an award. :)

Anonymous said...

Ponsawan, I have never left a comment on any blog, but your writings and teachings are so incredibly sweet that I am prompted to send my thanks. Your work is unique and beautiful and I can't help but think that must be, too. Thank you for sharing your expertise and creativity so generously. SLS

Silastones said...

Thanks Christie. I have fun making the necklace and had put a lot of thought into it. How about your turn next time?

Silastones said...

SLS, this is one of the best comment anyone had ever left on my blog. You should do this more often. LOL
Anyway, thanks for all the compliment, you are so kind. I just enjoy myself, my life, my work. I'm glad someone else enjoy reading about it.

DrMom said...

Mazal Tov... proud to "know" you! You are very deserving.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for tips on learning to make polymer clay beads & came across your most beautiful idea/necklace - I hope many children benefit from it.
It's a wonderful design.