Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sitting pretty

My old friend in Thailand bought my necklace for his wife. He actually bought 2 necklaces for her. What a lucky lady!
She makes my necklace look good, doesn't she. Relaxing in her white shirt at the balcony of her condo, near a golf course, on top of the hill, in Phuket Island, Thailand. I envy her.
It mush be 85 degree there, with a nice warm breeze from the ocean and a nice sunshine. What am I doing here, in a freezing cold, in the frigit 19 degree? May be I should go home.
Will you miss me?


Le Loup said...

but you would have clay and PC unit?
so, do what you want to do, as long as you don't stop posting!
sure it's cold! we have snow since last night in burgundy! it's not going to stay, but maybe another time in the winter...
several times...
strange winter indeed!
do you prefer looking for breath when it's hot, or walking in the snow?
bye bye


Hi le Loup
My daughter is in Paris visiting his boyfriend. Do you think she will come back? :)

Le Loup said...

does she love France or her boyfriend or both?
Maybe she will come back with him and with Paris in her head/heart...
Paris, the nicest town in the world they say, i'm not sure because i love the country so much!
Don't be afraid, i think she will come back... for this time! ;-)
see you soon.

Susan said...

Yes! Maybe a visit home is due. The necklace is beautiful and she must have so much fun wearing it! The colors alone say "I am happy".