Sunday, January 13, 2008

Life coach

This is a note that my friend, Cheryl, wrote for me. The first time we met, I was waiting her table at Thai resaturant. She gave me a compliment on my bracelet so I told her that I made it. Cheryl and Mary were about to open the new Bead Store at the time and she asked me if I would like to work with her. So we became friends. Fast forward to later when I was struggled with what to do with my 3 tray polymer clay beads and jewelry, Cheryl quickly mapped out what I should do and told me not to come back until I got part of it done. And I did.
Last year, we volunteered to be on the Board of Director for Indiana Bead Society together. She always email or slipped me a note before the meeting to tell me what to do and what to say. When I want something done, I called Cheryl and Mary. During the last 2 month when my life was such a mess, Cheryl came over with a note to tell me what to do, step-by-step. She is not only a good friend, but my life coach, my mentor and I cannot thank her enough to be there for me when I need her.
My commitment with Indiana Bead Society is done. Thanks to my team: Mary, Cheryl, Bonnie, Joyce, Francie and Carol. Now I can focus more on Polymer clay. I think I will ask Cheryl to map out what I should do this year. I know it is going to be a great year.


. said...

happy new year!!

DrMom said...

You and your blog are recipients of the YOU MAKE MY DAY award.
You can learn more at my blog
THANK YOU for making my day.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


I read your blog thoroughly. Love all the things you do. The restaurant looks great; more pictures please.

You are so creative; I'll say you are one of the best in our architectural class. Keep blogging; do not stop.

We love you.

That Creative Place said...

You have a great blog and I love the tutorials. Some of the people in Tejae Floyde's class are using your making a texture sheet slide show.

Thanks for sharing your incredible work!

Lisa Gatz

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you Momma. This year will surely be a great one for you. You deserve it.

And I miss you so much. And I love you.

Anonymous said...

I wish you an happy new year, a lot of creations, health, I am always happy to com on this blog!