Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Susan was right, I am on a roll

12-30-06 I sold all of these rings shown here. Better get busy making some more rings. ;)


Anonymous said...

How do you not smash these little lovely bits that go into your rings? Do you roll out the log by hand or extruder? Then do you let them set up before forming them? I'm new and made a couple of things that required bits and it was difficult (that's why I'm asking questions :) ). (pocadot88 @ pcc) THANKS! Love your work!

Anonymous said...

Haha, you probably haven't heard of this game, but it's called Katamari Damacy, its for the computer and Playstation II. The gist of it is this little guy has to roll up things into a giant ball, and when I say "things", I mean anything, like people, cars, cows. These little balls remind me of that game, as if he had started in a bead shop first. ;)

Silastones said...

I took that as a compliment. Thank you. I do have 2 teenage boys, so I've seen the game before.

Anonymous said...

Your rings are so much fun! You're inspiring me to think about making rings.

Also love the colours.