Thursday, November 09, 2006

New blog for tutorial

Hey, I'd just created a new blog for tutorial, it is Since I had done a variety of beads in different styles, I just want to share what I'd learn and it will also serve as my note book just in case I forgot how to. This week is the tutorial for Raku Style beads. Please check it out.


Weslynn said...

I just love the beads you sent to me recently. I feel so honored to have these, especially the newer ones you designed for the bead show. I hope to be able to make beads and canes as well as you do someday.
Maybe we can meet someday too. I am only 65 miles awayfrom you.
Thanks again,

Angie said...

Fantastic tutorial!
Im new to polymer clay and ive been wasting alot of clay on tutorials, but this one...well im really pleased with how mine have turned out, please please post more tuts :)
Thank you for sharing x
Angie in UK