Sunday, August 29, 2010

Feast of the Lantern

Every year, at Spades park on the eastside of Indianapolis, there is an outdoor show that let the artists show/sell their arts from noon to 11 pm. At dusk, hundreds of lanterns are lighted throughout the park.
One year, I had a few lampshade kits that come in pieces and when put together, accordingly, they look very pretty at nite. People will line up to buy the lampshades from us. This is good because I made so much money selling them, at the same time, they are not handmade item. I just put them together, add the light and sell.
This year I don't have high hope, people walk around, looking and said they were just looking but didn't have any money to buy.
My son came and went. He had to go dance at the even downtown. The neighbor were laughing because he stayed for 20 min., bought a bar of soap and left. It's Ok, I thought, I didn't think I'll be very busy. But I was wrong.
I think people are still buying, but more of the functional objects, not paintings, not jewelry. My neighbor sold soap she made in her kitchen for $5 and it went crazy. Her soap is 100% Vegan. It's so trendy, I even bought one that has Dandelion as one of the ingredient.
I sold a few ankle bracelets. That was enough to cover the booth fee. Without those lampshades, I would have spent 12 hours in the park, not making any money. May be I should start making soap. We all have to use soap, right?
Recently on Facebook, I am able to contact my nephews in Thailnad and talk to them. Both are the starving Artists who are trying to sell their arts and crafts at the fair. One is selling a stuff Teddy bear and one is selling candle and tea that his Japanese wife made. They both are graphic designer.
Imagine if I could go home now and or have my nephews here, we will share a booth and I won't be abandon in the park, at midnite, all by myself.


Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

Being in the park at midnight is the thing I hate most about the Feast of Lanterns! I was sort of sad to miss out on this show since I normally have a booth, but I was ultra glad when I got to crawl into bed at 10pm. :)

Norma's Clay said...

Hi, I'm an artisan in Puerto Rico. The same thing you mention is happening here. People who attend fairs can admire your work but ultimately they will only buy things that are functional (or things they think they "need"). I realized that a while ago and have made adjustments in my inventory by making artistic functional products. Good luck!

Silastones said...

I am glad it's just once a year, Candice:)

Silastones said...

Dear Norma's clay
I make arts, for myself, for my soul. It makes me happy, neither necessary to satisfy others, nor expect my arts to be sold. But if you have to make a living selling your atrs, then you will need to adjust.
Good luck to you.

Kimbo said...

People are funny about what they'll buy. I'd bet that if your nephews sent you teddy bears, tea and candles handmade in Thailand and you sent them polymer clay treasures made in the U.S. that you could easily sell each others' stuff. Love the lanterns! Need one on my gypsy wagon. :-)