Wednesday, August 04, 2010

CHA Super Craft Show @ Rosemont, IL

Last week, me and my Polymer clay friends volunteer to help Miss Lisa Pavelka during her classes at CHA, so off we went. Thursday nite, I pulled up the chair from my room to the other room, and we talked, and we laughed, just like having a slumber party all over again.
The next day we arrived and was asked to help at Viva-Decor's booth. As you might have known, they are the distributor of Pardo clay. I ended up at Mr. Amando's booth did the demo using Pardo clay with the Jewelry Blanks that they are selling. Back and forth between Armando's booth and Miss Lisa P.'s table while she took a break and talked to others, we feel in love with paints that Viva-decor has.
I've been watching and wanting to buy their product, but it seems like they are hard to find. We talked to the owner who had no idea how desirable their products are to all crafter, not just clayer, I hope pretty soon we can buy the whole product line here, in US, somewhere.
It had been a great experiences helping in class, booth sitting and demo. Viva-Decor and Miss Lisa P. had been so generous with the sample, as well as Mr. Amando, who finally realized that he should give us some samples. So, here's is his web site. They has so many "Blank" we can use, especially rings :)

Viva-Decor had launched a new Pardo Professional Art-Clay and I got to take some home to play with. Here is the glass I covered with translucent clay. The new clay are stiff, not soft like Jewellry clay, which suitable for canning. I am pretty happy with it. May be I will make some canes tomorrow.
Here are some rings I made yesterday. Using jewellry clay - Fossil Wood. Clay is easy to work with but I am still adjusting. I've been using nothing but Fimo for all these years. I also used some paint on there. It is a paste almost like Rub n' Buff.
This ring I used some paints from Viva-Decor. I love all the colors, they are so rich and shimmering. I want them all.
Thanks you Miss Lisa P. and Viva-Decor for the opportunity and a good reason for me to get out of the house. Thanks for my friends who had been there and always there for me. Thanks for wearing my jewelry and showed them off at CHA.
We stopped to have dinner at Polish restaurant. It is a buffet, so yum-yum. I had something that my mom used to make for me when I was young. Thanks Kathy for such a good memory.

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