Monday, May 31, 2010

Claying or Drawing ?

I tried to keep busy, running back and forth, in and out of Ada's room, I have 5 to 10 min. to clay. It is hard to come up with a big project, or get the whole thought together and come up with something in a scale and quality that I would like to do.
I made some beads, send them out with my friend who is a vendor and sell through big bead shows around the Midwest. I used to do that a few years back, successfully. But She did not sell any strand in Atlanta last week. Very discouraged. I am making a few more trays so she can sell them at Bead&Button in Milwaukee. Not excited about it but it will help pay for the trip. Oh, I will be there for a few days, my vacation.

Since I am still make rings for "Ring-A-Day" project, I wrote some tutorials and post them on the other blog.
May be I should move my work table away from Ada's room, get away, lock myself up till I can make something. I am not strong enough to do that, I want to be with her.

We took Ada to the Museum a lot and the flowers in the garden were in full bloom, so I took a lot of pictures. Scott's also sending pictures of his Wisteria, Tulips, Iris among others flowers. I pick up some paper and pencil and start sketching. From the note card size to 9"x12" size and suddenly, I felt very happy.
here's a sample of one of my drawing. It is a fantasy garden with lots of flowers. I could never have a garden like Scott's, so I draw mine.
A few drawings later, I had this in my head; "Claying or Drawing?"
I feel like I am at the dead end of claying. Really, when some thing you do for fun turn out to be a job (because I need to make some money), it took a fun out of it.
I also feel like I am so far behind my creativity with clay. Looking at other people works, it is hard to catch up.
May be I will draw and paint for a while, forget about the clay. may be I will get my groove back, who knows, who cares?
P.S. I posted last nite and the next morning heard the news about Kathereen Dustin's struggle with her art. Shouldn't I feel better by now?


Sue C said...

I think you know a lot of people care, but the bottom line is that sometimes the muse is there and sometimes it isn't. You've had an awful lot of stress and pain the past year or so, so you need to do something that makes you feel good, not more stressed. You are right, when you are doing art/craft because you have to rather than for the joy of creating, it does often take the fun out of it. Your garden picture is beautiful and bright and cheery. Maybe that's the peace you need right now. The clay will always be there for you, when you are ready for it again. Hugs and smiles, Sue C

Fiona said...

Your drawing is absolutely beautiful. The muse for clay will return. Perhaps you just need something different for a while. Good luck with everything.

bfickle said...

Your drawings are beautiful, maybe you should try doing some image transfers of them onto clay. It might kick-start the muse.

Myra Katz said...

I just hate it that you are caring about your work being behind other peoples work! I loved all the original stuff you did. And your philosophy. Now your work is starting to look like everyone else's work. It makes me we are loosing something. You started out with "your own voice" and it was wonderful.

Silastones said...

Dear Myra
I used to clay all day, it used to be my job. Now that I spend 16 hours a day taking care of my daughter, it is not easy to come up with new idea that make me feel excited.
I used to like what I made, now I just sit here, with clay in my hand and don't know what to do with it.
Sorry that you are disappointed.sconati

Anonymous said...

Ponsawani ... your polymer clay work is so unique, wonderful and inspiring. You don't need to worry how your work compares to others. Just be you! .... and if that means taking a break from the clay and drawing or doing other art, you'll be happier and more creative in whatever you're doing.