Thursday, April 29, 2010

New beads

Some new beads today, square shape, kinna pillow style. The colors came out very nice and they are pretty easy to make. Just twist and twist and twist. I will send them out with my friends who sells beads at bead show in Atlanta to see if they would sell. Then off to Bead & Button in June. I also stopped by Bead Angle bead store to see if Connie wants to sell some of my beads again. She thought I should charge more for my beautiful beads.

These are a few ankle bracelets I made using my new beads and some of the seed beads I bought. They are so colorful and happy :).
It is going to be a busy summer. I applied for a few shows, big and small so better get busy.


Cara Jane (surfingcat) said...

Those beads look cool, love the colours. I am sure they will sell!

Anonymous said...

Those ankle bracelets look soooo pretty! I always admire your color combinations. Keep up the great work.