Friday, January 29, 2010

My new obsession

I was asked to join a group on Flickr called "Ring a day". The objective is to make one ring each day with material that you can find. Oh, why not, I have been making rings for a while and just figure out how to make ring band from Polymer clay.
I don't do metal clay, I am not working with metal either, just some metal wire, so clay will be my main material. I can sew, knit and crochet, so I will incorporate that skill into my rings. I only made 18 rings so far, but every morning and every night when I have a chance to sit at my work table, I will make a ring first, then something else. I intend to put more creative thinking into each ring and want to see how far I can stretch Polymer clay as my main material. You can view more of my rings at
Wish me luck, cheer me on, cause this will be a long, long project. I hope I can get through it.


Pearl and Pebble said...

These are soooo cool! I love the green:)

WonderfulWire said...

What a fun challenge to take part in!! I've never made rings but just reading your post and seeing the photos makes me want to try! :)

Jackie said...

I love love love your new obsession!! You are making beautiful rings, you beautiful woman, you. I also love love love you, do you know that? I hope you do! Big hugs to my amazing friend.

Tinfoil Halo said...

So lovely!

Would you care to share your technique on how you make your ring bands from polymer clay? Mine never seem to come out quite right (and I went through your tutorials and see that you don't have one for this technique).

I am sure all your creations will be gorgeous as always!

Silastones said...

Dear Tinfoil Halo
I am sorry to tell you that I will not put tutorial for the ring band on my blog at this time. Other artists are offereing ring class and doesn't seem fair that I can just give it away. I am considering writing article for magazine or write a book in a near future.
Thanks for asking. It is nothing complicate. If you look hard and experiment a bit more, I'm sure you can find an answer.

Tinfoil Halo said...

I understand, thanks for replying!

I made a ring base from your other tutorial last night and it's terrific. Thanks!

Danilandia Creazioni said...

Hello, congratulations for your creations, fantastic!
I started making Polymer clay cane, but I wanted to know if you cut into slices before or after cooking, thanks a lot

Silastones said...

Dear Daniela
I love your canes. They are so cute. I cut my cane and put them on something then bake. I like to play around with it like strectch it, fold it, blem them to background or lrt it stick out. Experiment is a ggod thing. I don't make a lot of canes, do not have much attention span. Thank you for your knid words.

Fiona said...

These rings are lovely. I must try to make a ring. I've always been worried the polymer clay would break. I have only just started working with it so don't really know yet how strong it is.

little pony said...