Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Metal or Clay

A few years back, when you went through the grocery store check out, you will be asked; "Paper or Plastic?". I found that to be very annoying. Now a day, I like the self-check out lane, where I can use my own bag.
But choosing between 2 given choices is always difficult, Metal or Clay? I like to work with Polymer Clay because of it's versatility and affordable. Still it is consider plastic and can also chip or break easily which require a min. thickness to make the object strong enough.
I like the idea of putting different objects together and create a "collage" pieces. Most artists do that with the help of Metal or Metal Clay. I love clay and will stick with clay. Here are some of a few pieces I made while searching for the right technique.

I used Black clay with a few pieces of antique rhinestone that Scott has given me, a few pearls and some stones that Mo sent me. Then put on the Metallic powder, Gold, Silver or Copper, baked and put clear varnish on top.
So it is clay, that looks like metal. I am pretty happy with the result. They look like antique costume jewelry. But why do I have to make it looks like I was using metal? I decided to leave the Black clay alone, may be clear varnish on top of it, for the shinny look.
And here is my favorite one.

This pin is going to China with Kirsten, Ada's friend. I made this pin using a few shells and drift wood that Kirsten picked up while on her vacation in Florida. A few beads from New Mexico, South African beads from her brother, John. Ada and I will miss seeing Kirsten. She is one of a few friends who visit us regularly.
I'll post more pictures of the pin later. Scott is sending more rhinestones and pretty things. I also put them on the rings as you can see. Bling and more Bling, Scott said. He is also served as my Tech Support since he has more experience and expertise working with clay than me. Couldn't have done it without you, Scott. Thank you.


WonderfulWire said...

These are gorgeous!!!

Illaya said...

What a fun way to repurpose those wonderful old jewelry pieces.

Tonja Lenderman said...

You have been given the Sunshine Blog Award for all the inspiration you give us :) http://tonjastreasures.com/wordpress/?p=2345

Jill Palumbo said...

Hi, it is Jill Palumbo here. I just gave you a well-deserved blog award. Please come see.

Karnaaks said...

Amesing internet! I was just discovering that clay can be used this way and I found Your Blog and this entry. Very nice!!! Now I have more brevery to try it :)

Silastones said...

Dear Karnaaks
I also have another blog for tutorial. Check it out www.polymerclaydeads.blogspot.com
Good luck and have fun