Monday, September 07, 2009

My old house

This is the picture of the living room of my nephew's house. He just turns 30. I was taking care of him when he was born until he was 2. I came to US to go to school and ended up staying here for 27 years. I went home every 2-3 years but did not have a chance to spend time with him. Thanks to Facebook, I am now reconnected with my nephew again. He follows our footstep and became an artist, a designer. He designed and built this house on the land behind our old house. Instead of living in the condo, highrise in the city, he choose to live on the ground. You can see through the window, on the background, my old house. It must be almost 100 years old, built with teak wood so it withstand the climate for 4 generations.
You can see more of his house Krit & Mariko's house here. Notice the Japanese influence in the design and the way he left the space for the existing tree. Love it, love it.
Also the dinning table was the one that we used since we were kids.
Next year we will tear down the old house, keep the wood, of course, and build a studio for him. I am so proud of my nephew, and can't wait to see what he comes up with the new addition.
Krit and I had agreed to do corroborated work for Synergy 2 next year. He asked what can I make with Polymer Clay, and I told him that I can make just about anything with Polymer clay. We will see.

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