Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Power of Mint

My new toy, the Altoid box. Just decided last night that should give it a try. I finished 2 boxes. Both using Barbara McGuire's rubberstamp sheet.
The silver one I used Rub&Buff and the colors one I used the "secret" powder. LOL. I will tell you soon what they are and how to buy them.
I've asked Matt if he would save me his Altiod box after he had finished it. He put his mint in a plastic bag and gave me the box. Later, he makes a joke about a bag of mint that make him looks like a drug dealer. So, Matt, this one for you.
Don't under estimate the power of the Mint and the empty tin box covered with Polymer clay. I think he will like it.
And I will have many, many tins to cover in the up coming year.


StormyDesigns said...

Wow Pons, they are both beautiful. I'm sure Matt is going to love his. If he doesn't you can send it to me :-)

Silastones said...

stormy, Matt loves it. So i have to write a tut so you can make one for yourself. LOL What r u doing up so late, or you just wake up so early?

Susan Turney said...

These are so pretty, too! I tried to comment that day but for some reason I couldn't! So happy to see you claying again!!!

Anonymous said...

HA!!! the altoid box was awsome JIM!!! but now im notorious for carrying white powdery substances in plastic bags in my pocket... not exactly what you want to be known for!!! thank you!!!! the box is so cool... ARTHY, put your hair up at work son!!!!!

Silastones said...

Dear Matt, we miss you. Stop by and see us sometime. Arthy got his hair cut really shot now.