Wednesday, November 07, 2007

All the leaves are Brown

And the sky is Gray.
My leaves are Silver and Gold. :)
These are my new leaf pins with magnet backing. Simple to make but looks sophisticate, isn't it? Light weight but durable. Thanks to my private on-line tutor. Without your technical support, it won't look this good.
Hum, do you want to guess how I make those leaves?
The round pendant in the middle is the disc I painted. Just put the frame on it so it can be used as a pendant.


Domitsu said...

I love them very much...simple but really you say...

Stormy Designs said...

These are gorgeous Pons!

Ma-belette said...

It's so beautifull, shapes, colors, I love all of them :)

artandtea said...

These are wonderful! I especially like the ones on the right with the design that looks like trees.

Anonymous said...

wow, beautiful!

PS: when are you going to tell us about these new powders? :P


Dear All
Thanks for all the kind words. I will write the tut for it soon. And about the new matellic powder, I'll tell you later, promise. :)