Saturday, February 10, 2007

Salon at FB Fogg

I was invited to the February Salon at FB Fogg Studio in Muncie. Ann Johnson uses handmade paper to make wimsical clocks, scupltures and jewelry. Look closely on the righthand side; you will see one of her dog face clocks on the wall. Lots of dogs and cats.
I learned prop setting 101; How to display my jewelry. She put them in groups according to color. I had never thought of that. Many people like my rings and some rings went to good hands. I learned how to greet and talk to customers. It was cold so we did not have as many customers but I did OK. Made new friends and get new ideas. So I got good reviews and I just have to keep working and find my nitch.
Ann Johnson's website :
P.S. My first show at the Art Gallery and it was freezing cold. The next day, the town was shut down by the snow storm. I hope they still want me back for the next Salon.

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