Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Work Table (Please excuse the mess)

Here's are the pictures of my work table. It looks like the hurricane just went through, isn't it? DH lets me keep my table next to the store window. One side I have my beads and I do beading projects there, the other side is for clay. I switch back and forth between 2 sides. It's funny how people look through the window of the computer store and see me making beads, so they come in just to see what am I making. LOL


Doreen said...

You get to bead and play with clay at your husband's computer shop...that is too great!!...and you have all the light from the window! I'll bet you do attract a lot of interest...hopefully some computer business too!

Mandy said...

wow, I'm so jealous of such a big workplace!!! I love pictures of workplaces...and these are particularly inspiring! Just sorry they weren't any bigger so that I could take a peak into the little details...I can never get enough of looking in somebody else's "kitchen"!!!


Shame on me, I just cannot organize my work space. May be I should put up anothe album for my workspace. :)