Monday, March 15, 2010

300 more rings to make

Today I made and posted the picture of my 65th ring on a group called "Ring a day" on Flickr.
It had been fun and challenging at the same time. The goal is to make one ring a day for a year. That's 365 rings. I have my own goals to follows. For example: I will try to make rings from materials that I already have at home, or someone gave it to me. I will try to used different kind of materials together, and, if I could, I will take up basic Metalsmith class, or convince my DH to show me how to solder.

Most of my rings are made with Polymer since I have a lot of it and I start making flower canes. I also used glass beads, wire, felt, stones, brads, small toys, etc. I also try to set up prop and taking good photograph.

Here is my favorite model, Mr. Middle. He has a screw sticking out of the other end. I think he meant to be a towel hanger, but I have so much fun using him instead of showing the rings on my wrinkle finger.
You can see more of my rings and Mr. middle HERE.


surfingcat said...

~Wow you have made a lot of rings already! 300 more! Are you going to keep them all and wear a different one everyday?

Jackie said...

They are all fantastic, my friend! You are one great artist! Hugs.

malsarts said...

I love your work and admire your unique designs. Your blog has been a great inspiration for me.
I have presnted you with a blog award. you can find it on my blog Polymer Passion

Fiona said...

What a challenge. And to have done 60 already is amazing. They are so lovely as well. I turn to your blog for inspiration and am just going to try one of your cane tutorials. I will let you know how it turns out.

JINe said...

je souhaite à Ada un printemps et enfin des jours heureux!!! merci ,Ponsawan pour toutes ces belles créations , et tous les tutos que tu nous offres si gentiment !!! amicalement JINe