Monday, June 15, 2009

Wild things are back

Yes, "Wild things" is trying to make a come back. I am able to get more hours for the nurse to come and stay with Ada, so I can sit at my work table longer. There are a few changes even though I can sit and work as long as I can. My table is in front of Ada's room and I am still going in and out as she might needs me. First, I start making cane. Oh yes, if you know me, this is a big one. I am able to make a few flower canes to use in the pendants and beads. Love those skinner-blend and had to use the last piece of it, so I stacked them up. By using Mokume gane technique, I came up with another pendant. This is getting more fun.
Second, I am using the same design or similar one, this way I can make enough beads to finish a necklace or two using the same color palette.
Third, using the same clay so I can get the same color or same hues every time. I started using different clays and had to go back to Fimo because the colors does not blend in together easily. For example. if I run red and yellow through the pasta machine, I do not want orange line between them. Is that make any sense? Fimo is more firm and good for caning.
Hope you like them. More are coming up.


Susan Turney said...

Ponsawan, they are just beautiful! And I'm so happy you're finding the time to really enjoy claying again. Such a good sign!

Domitsu said...

How beautifull these pendants are: colors and colors...The health of Ada is better and better and your creations are more and more colored and lively!
Please excuse my bad english!

Julz said...

Very beautiful!!!
Ponsawan...I enjoy your work and blog so much...I have bestowed an award on you. Please visit my blog to see.

Jade said...

They are really really beautiful!I love them!All your work is exquisite, you are one of my favorite PC artists. I am so glad that you have now a bit of time to clay. Your work is a real inspiration to me which i am a newbie with PC. I am looking forward to see your next creations!

MoeArt said...

Ponsawan! Those are gorgeous! Hey, I saw your cute little faces in PolymerCAFE. Ada is looking great! :D

KC said...

Hiya Ponsawan, its been a long time. I am so glad to see you still creating these beauties.