Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My favorite necklace

I bough the orange Lucite beads from Natural Beads a couple years ago at bead&Button Show in Milwaukee. I went a few times with my friends and made friends with so many vendors that they will give me special discount. It is one thing I really missed.
Not sure what to do with the beads, I liked them and bought them any way.
Last week I went to the local Art shows with friends. My son told me to wear this necklace so I did. A few compliments and someone even asked whether I bought it from the show.
I usually don't hang on to what I made but I really like this one.
Mokume Gane technique, Fimo clay; orange gold, brown, caramel and a sheet of foil in between.


Le Loup/The Wolf said...

i'm still in the corner...of your screen...!
Big Brother we are!
Happy to see you back!
Take care!

Susan Turney said...

It's gorgeous Ponsawan and so "you"...I'd recognize your work anywhere! So glad you're taking the time to post more frequently. It has to be good for you to take time for yourself!!!