Thursday, March 01, 2007

And, the Oscar goes to.....

Not quite, but I do feel like receiving an award after my work was featured at POLYMERCLAYNOTES and POLYMERCLAYDAILY. So I would like to present an acceptance speech for that. Ah..... hm...

I would like to thank all of the polymerclay artists, who have shared their works and their techniques and make it available for me to try, to learn from and be inspired.

Thanks to all the friends I met on PCC; Jackie, Scott, Chris, Anita, Eva, Moe and many others who are always willing to answer my questions and encourage me.

I would like to thank Susan Rose and Cynthia Tinapple. Being recognized and put on the same page with all of those talented and famous artistes has helped me to work harder, think harder, and be more confident at the same time.

Thanks to my family who lets me work with clay all day.

Thanks to Laura from Beadroom, who takes my beads and sell them at the Bead Shows around the country.
Thanks to Joan who let me sell my jewelry at her boutique.

Wait, don't play that music yet. I still have more people on my list to thank. Fine! What ever.

Well, if I forgot somebody, sorry, but I do love you.

Here's the kind words from Cynthia Tinapple-Polymerclaydaily
Ponsawan Sila is on the move and she faithfully records her progress on her blog. She includes pictures of her workspace and step-by-step tutorials on this method, a twist on mokume gane.
What this generous artist takes for granted is her color sense and her knack for pattern creation. No muddy colors or uninteresting patterns on her worktable! Take a look at her homemade texture plates. Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder, Ponsawan.
And these kind words from Susan Rose-Polymerclaynotes
it is always fun to see what ponsawan is up to and i love that she adds a healthy dose of humor to her posts. look! she just posted a tutorial for these beautiful bubble beads - check it out here


Anonymous said...

Big hands for you!
I view your blog from time to time,
love the way you explain and express your feeling.And your design are great ,ofcourse.
More interesting every time.
Way to go baby!


Keila said...

I just found your blog because of the Polymer clay daily post. Your work is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your techniques! You are very gifted and it shows through your work that you love what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Back at ya Ponsawan, I am so proud of you! I know you work hard and it shows.
You're the inspiration, it's been my pleasure getting to know you and seeing you get the well deserved recognition has me smiling BIG!