Tuesday, September 05, 2006

She sells seashells on the seashore

This lovely blue necklace reminds me of the time I spend on the beach where sky is bright, water is blue and the white foam that is washed ashore with the waves. Except that the shells here are the Hill Tribe Silver beads from Thailand.

P.S. The technique I used was the same old Mugume Gane. I layered the different shades of blue on top of white, poked the holes with all kinds of thing and slided it in an angle.

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Lost in Transit said...

Hi Ponsawan, I just found this site by accident and I love this necklace. Try as I might I can't figure out how you managed to to the technique. It's absolutely beautiful. How about a tutorial eh? I could spend all day reading and looking at the pictures. It's such an inspiraton. Hope you have the time to write a tutorial about it some time. Keep up the good work.