Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lovely buttons

I met a lovely lady at the recent Fashion Show at IRT(Indiana Repertory Theatre) who make a beautiful purse. She asked me if I could make a button for her purses and I did just that. These buttons are made to match perfectly with the color of the fabric and compliment the shape of the purses. It was fun and challenging and we both felt happy with the outcome.
I think making buttons could be my next career.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I only just found your blog minutes ago and saw the pic of the buttons you made for some lady! HOW in the world did you do that? I am trying to make buttons for the purses I am making and yours are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

oops...forgot my name!

Silastones said...

I am using Polymer clay, of which I can make anything out of it. I can tell you how to make those buttons.

Geraldine said...

i love those ones that look like you printed on them.

Silastones said...

If you ment the white and blue one, I put a very thinsheet of white on top of Blue sheet, then press the stamp on it, press down hard. After thatI use the thin blade to slide off the top. What is left was the imprint of the stamp. The rubber dtamp sheet I bought from Barbara Mc Guire. Thanks for your compliment.

Leelinau said...

I found your blog via the Polymer Clay Daily site. I love your work. I'm a beginner with polymer clay. How are they to to be attached as a button? Are they durable?

Lovely work, thank you for sharing!


Silastones said...

I attached a small metal button chank to the back. You can get the plastic one too or make holes. These buttons can be wash and dry, but not dry clean.